American Ski Classic Returns to Vail

The American Ski Classic returns for its 29th year to Vail, Colorado this week. Festivities got underway today with the Conway Cup, featuring 40 four-person teams made up of folks like you and me in a dual-format race. The winning team gets entrance into the Ford Cup later this weekend (named after former President Gerald R. Ford) where they get compete with teams comprised of legends of skiing and celebrities. Legends include Daron Rahlves, Franz Klammer, Marc Girardelli, Phil Mahre, Steve Mahre, Hilary Lindh, Tamara McKinney, Billy Kidd, Cindy Nelson and more. They will captain teams of celebrities in the Ford Cup race including Robert Kennedy, Jr., Grant Show, Shawn Johnson, Alfonso Ribeiro, Kevin Sorbo, Steve Lundquist, Mitch Gaylord, Ryan Sutter and Paul Wylie.

Should be a great week to be a spectator and there will be plenty of entertainment to be had – Welcome Party, Bud Light Street Beat Free Concert featuring Cowboy Mouth and the 3rd Annual “Hold ‘Em for Hope” casino extraveganza fundraiser where you can gamble the night away and rubs elbows with legends and celebrities alike. For more information, visit the Vail Valley Foundation’s website.