Sustainability Projects in Vail

When it comes to world-class mountain resort destinations, Vail, Colorado tops traveler must-visit lists from across the map with good reason. Encompassing the town of Vail itself, the mountain ski area, a section of White River National Forest, and the Gore Creek Watershed, Vail totals just under 70,000 acres of land for visitors to enjoy and explore. From the mountain slopes and towering forests to the valleys and amazing wildlife Vail hosts, it’s easy to see why visitors fall in love with this scenic and exciting destination. In fact, it’s estimated that this mountain resort destination which is home to just 5,500 local residents year-round welcomes nearly 3 million visitors each year.

Considering these numbers, Vail has taken and continues to take significant steps to balance the growth in tourism with environmental sustainability. Vail Resort is proud to have been certified as the first sustainable mountain resort in the world and has set its sights on achieving a zero net operating footprint by 2030. The following are just a few of the many sustainability projects currently in the process that set Vail apart when it comes to environmental conservation.

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A Robust Recycling Program

In an effort to significantly reduce waste in local landfills, Vail passed a community-wide recycling ordinance in July of 2014 that continues to be in place today. The ordinance applies to Vail homeowners and businesses alike as the resort town works towards a sustainable future. The terms of the ordinance state that Vail homeowners must participate in curbside recycling utilizing a wildlife-resistant container. HOAs in Vail are required to recycle on-site utilizing specialized dumpsters for condos with property signage included. Hotels in the area are required to offer recycling options in their rooms while retail stores are held to a similar standard on-site. Restaurants in Vail must have recycling services offered both in customer-facing spaces and back of house for staff. Updates to the ordinance as well as helpful guides are readily available to Eagle County residents and visitors online!

Restore the Gore Project

Gore Greek runs through Vail and is a vital component of the terrain for wildlife and water supply for downstream communities alike. The Restore the Gore project aims to protect this essential waterway’s long-term health. Currently, Gore Creek faces environmental damage caused by pollutants from urban runoff leading to a significant loss of streamside vegetation. This vegetation is vital to filtering pollutants that seep into neighboring streams and creeks.  Restore the Gore is a multi-step plan aimed at restoring waterway health over time through pollutant reduction and interrupting pollutant pathway transport into the water.

Restore the Gorge Project solutions include designated public riverside cleanup days in association with the Eagle River Watershed Council. The project also allows for regularly held public education forums on urban runoff and contaminate control solutions for homes and businesses. Both landscape management efforts and pesticide control regulations are integrated into the Restore the Gore Project as well. This strategic and long-term plan is designed to help Vail maintain its value as a thriving natural and recreational environment.

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