Our Advice on What to See at Teva Mountain Games This Weekend

There are so many events on tap this weekend at the Teva Mountain Games that it’s hard to know where to start. Comps range from easy-going to hardcore. Athletes range from everyman to pro. Spectator events range from mountain sports to film screenings. How do you choose? Lucky for you, we’ve done this a few times. Here are our picks for the “must-sees” in each category:


BOTH — U2 cover band Under a Blood Red Sky (Thurs) & Julian “JuJu” Marley & Uprising Band on Saturday


BUD LIGHT LIME 8 BALL KAYAK (Sun) — Think NASCAR for boaters. Kayakers must sprint down a 200-meter course while dodging the dreaded “8 Ballers” – kayakers in full body armor waiting to attack and slow the racers at every opportunity.


IFSC BOULDERING WORLD CUP (Fri & Sat) – Only World Cup Bouldering event on US soil. Never won by an American male, this year Boulder, Colorado-based Daniel Woods may make history by becoming the first.


SLOPESTYLE (Sun) – 360 tailwhips and backflips on a mountain bike? You betcha! Thrills and spills guaranteed.


ANY EUKANUBA DOCKDOG COMP (all weekend) – It’s hard not to enjoy mountain dogs competing for highest, fastest & farthest. Choose from Speed Retrieve, Extreme Vertical and Big Air Wave comps.


TEVA MXT MUD RUN (Sat) – Easy distance for the average Joe + mud = great spectating.


FIRST ASCENT SUP SURF SPRINT (Sat) – Stand Up Paddling makes its debut at the TMG with this down river sprint. US Olympic alpine skier, Steve Nyman, is set to compete against a veteran field of surfers/SUPers.


EDDIE BAUER ADVENTURE CLINICS (all weekend) — If you are going to pick just one, go to “Intro to Mountaineering” with First Ascent guide & mountaineering legend Peter Whittaker (Sun). He is co-owner of Rainier Mountaineering, Inc., has guided over 70 expeditions on all 7 continents and is son/ nephew of climbing legends Lou & Jim Whittaker. Jim was the first American to summit Mt. Everest. Other EB clinics this weekend include Expedition Kayaking and Backcountry & Mountain Preparedness.


OUTDOOR REELS FILM SERIES (Fri) — Be inspired by “Currents of Belize”, “Dream Result”, “Hotel Charley 5: First Descent” & “Waterman is More Than a Word”.

Enjoy the games – we’ll see you out there!