Eco-Friendly Travel to Vail: A Guide

Travelers pursuing incredible adventure in the great outdoors will always find what they’re looking for in Vail, Colorado. Here, dynamic mountain landscapes set the scene for fun and charming shops and eateries round out any itinerary in authentic Colorado-inspired style. While the beauty and thrills of our mountainside retreat offers endless appeal to modern travelers year-round, there are some many ways eco-friendly travel to Vail keeps our beloved destination in prime shape for future visitors.

While you’re out experiencing different ways to travel sustainably, our complimentary Vail Vacation Guide offers on-to-go directions and recommendations to keep your travels light and your local knowledge extensive!

Eco-Friendly Travel to Vail: Keeping Our Village Beautiful

Vail holds an important partnership with Walking Mountain Science Center and Sustainable Travel International which has earned the community its title as the first sustainable mountain resort destination in the U.S. and on the planet. Still, there’s more to be done by locals and visitors alike.

Book an Eco-Friendly Tour in Vail

There are many options for Vail visitors to book green tours and adventures when visiting. Among the companies, Vail Segway dedicates themselves to providing visitors with thrilling excursions, which leaves minimal impact on the environment. These guided outings give guests a chance to tour Vail alongside a knowledgeable guide via an exclusively electric Segway. Tours last 90 minutes and provide not only quiet transportation but a tour option that’s 100% green as well. Other eco-friendly tour options include:

Vail’s Commitment to Sustainability

Vail is a destination dedicated to environmental welfare and the options for keeping things green are vast and varied.

A Robust Recycling Program

In an effort to significantly reduce waste in local landfills, Vail passed a community-wide recycling ordinance in July of 2014 that continues to be in place today. The ordinance applies to Vail homeowners and businesses alike as the resort town works towards a sustainable future and states. The following guidelines must be followed to ensure the community upholds it’s promise to the environment.

  • Homeowners: Must participate in curbside recycling utilizing a wildlife-resistant container.
  • HOAs in Vail: Required to recycle on-site utilizing specialized dumpsters for condos with property signage included.
  • Hotels: Required to offer recycling options in their rooms while retail stores are held to a similar standard on-site.
  • Restaurants in Vail: Must have recycling services offered both in customer-facing spaces and back of house for staff.

Updates to this program and ordinance are constantly being made as new initiative options present themselves and innovative ideas for improvement come along.

A Robust Recycling Program

The beloved Gore Creek runs through Vail and is a vital component of the terrain for wildlife and water supply for downstream communities alike. The Restore the Gore project focuses on protection of this essential waterway’s long-term health and is a multi-step plan to restore health over time through pollutant reduction and interrupting pollutant pathway transport into the water.

Restore the Gorge Project solutions include designated public riverside cleanup days in association with the Eagle River Watershed Council. The project also allows for regularly held public education forums on urban runoff and contaminate control solutions for homes and businesses. Both landscape management efforts and pesticide control regulations are integrated into the Restore the Gore Project as well. This strategic and long-term plan is designed to help Vail maintain its value as a thriving natural and recreational environment.

Our Vail Hotel’s Commitment to Eco-Friendliness

We strive to not only improves our level of service, improving our product and improving the way we do things, but also made significant changes to reducing our carbon footprint through various green initiatives. A few highlights include:

  • Paper reduction in daily use.
  • Thrifted items for replacement furnishings.
  • Recycling stations throughout the property.
  • Investment in energy-efficient LED lightbulbs.
  • Eco-friendly cleaning supplies, as much as possible. Most work better at cleaning and disinfecting than traditional versions.
  • Shopping locally when possible – like our delicious, in-room coffee from Vail Mountain Coffee.

Book Your Eco-Friendly Travels to Vail

Enjoying time in Vail is enhanced every time you book your vacation accommodation through the Lodge at Lionshead. When you’re looking to infuse luxury, comfort, and style into your stay, we have it covered. Our luxury lodging keeps you close to the fun while planning your trip to the first certified sustainable mountain resort in the world! Our concierge services are always available to point you in the right direction with their local insight. 

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