Green Initiatives

At Lodge at Lionshead, we are constantly striving to improve. This includes improving our level of service, improving our product and improving the way we do things.

Several years ago, we started seriously looking at how our business affects the environment and began making changes where we could. Here are some of those changes:

  • Our office has substantially decreased its use of paper and we recycle what we do use.
  • We purchase supplies made with recycled materials and try to repurpose items if possible. For example, our old guest towels become cleaning rags for housekeeping, and replaced furnishings are donated to thrift shops.
  • There are recycling stations in our office, in our condos and several common areas in each building.
  • We made the transition from incandescent bulbs to fluorescent. Then, we made the transition from fluorescent to more energy efficient LEDs.
  • To save both energy and water, we only change sheets every few days in our rental condos. We also ask that guests save their towels and not have them changed out daily.
  • We recommend that our owners replace old appliances with Energy Star appliances.
  • We purchase earth-friendly cleaners and supplies as much as possible. Most work better at cleaning and disinfecting than traditional versions.
  • We buy local when possible – enjoy local Vail Mountain Coffee in your condo!

This is just the tip of the iceberg. We’ll continue to find better ways to do things for the health of our guests, staff and the environment. Ultimately, the beautiful environment in Vail is why we live here and why all of our guests want to visit. Lodge at Lionshead wants to do everything it can to protect it!
When it comes to world-class mountain resort destinations, Vail, Colorado tops traveler must-visit lists from across the map with good reason. Encompassing the town of Vail itself, the mountain ski area, a section of White River National Forest, and the Gore Creek Watershed, Vail totals just under 70,000 acres of land for visitors to enjoy and explore. From the mountain slopes and towering forests to the valleys and amazing wildlife Vail hosts, it’s easy to see why visitors fall in love with this scenic and exciting destination. In fact, it’s estimated that this mountain resort destination which is home to just 5,500 local residents year-round welcomes nearly 3 million visitors each year.