Whether you’re interested in mountain biking or road biking, Vail has some amazing trails for you! There are a wide variety of options when it comes to both skill and fitness levels required. Here are some of our favorite trails – from epic downhills to long-distance pursuits, and everything in between.

Mountain Biking in the Valley

Vail Mountain is home to some of the most fun trails in the valley. The best part is you can take a scenic gondola ride up the mountain to save your energy for the ride back down (gondola bike haul fees apply). Both the Eagle Bahn Gondola and Gondola One allow mountain bike access, and Lodge at Lionshead is conveniently located just 100 yards from the Eagle Bahn. You can even traverse from one side of the mountain to the other. If this is your first mountain biking experience, Vail has easier routes down its dirt access roads that are wider and mellower, but still an excellent adventure. If you’re looking for a more exhilarating thrill, check out single-track trails like Lion Down, Hank’s Hideaway and Big Mamba.

Another great spot for mountain biking is just 10 minutes from main Vail in Avon, CO. The West Avon Preserve is a trail system consisting of difficult/advanced single-track trails. Nearly Edwards, CO has the Berry Creek Trail which is a great for novice/intermediate riders. You can ride to the top on a wide dirt road and take a single-track trail down.

If you’re willing to go further down valley, Eagle, CO has some advanced mountain biking trails for the really adventurous crowd. Be ready to do some uphill work before you enjoy the ride down. You can expect a 25-30 minute drive to the trailheads. Boneyard and Haymaker are two favorites.

Road Biking in Vail

One of the most popular rides for road bikers is Vail Pass. Whether you want to take on the grueling ride up and enjoy your cruise down or simply just drive to the top and cruise down, both are great options! Several biking outfitters here in Vail offer special packages that include bike rentals, a shuttle ride to the top of the pass and any gear needed for this adventure; some even have a guide to ride along! If you plan on riding up, head east on the South Frontage Road from Lodge at Lionshead to East Vail. From East Vail, there is 1,831 feet in elevation gain along an 8.7-mile path to the top of Vail Pass. You can also continue over the pass to Copper Mountain or Frisco before turning around to come back to Vail.

If you’re not feeling that ambitious, you can ride the Gore Valley Trail to East Vail and back. From the Lodge at Lionshead, ride straight through Vail Village to get to the path. This is one of the most beautiful easy rides in the area with scenery including wildflowers, meadows, beaver ponds, rivers, and aspen groves. It is only about 6 miles, but we guarantee it is worth it!

Heading west from Lodge at Lionshead, the Gore Valley Trail follows Gore Creek to West Vail and continues down valley to Avon, Edwards and beyond. Eagle County really is the perfect destination for road bikers as there is nearly 58 miles of paved path to ride on.


Useful Tips…

  • Don’t worry if you can’t bring your own bike. The many bike outfitters in Vail have high quality rentals for both mountain and road bikers, plus accessories like Burley’s for the kids.
  • The only guided tour offering transportation is the Vail Pass Tour mentioned above. You can also shuttle your own vehicle to the top of the pass.
  • Don’t forget sunscreen, a water bottle, helmet, and your sense of adventure! If you don’t have a helmet, those can be rented as well.
  • Need directions to any of these trails? Just ask!
  • If you stop anywhere along the way, don’t forget to lock your bike up!