SnowmobilersThere is terrain and a tour for everyone of any ability when it comes to snowmobiling in Vail. Even the kiddies can do it, right up on Vail Mountain at Adventure Ridge. Adults have to trek a little further, but the effort is well worth it.

The Lodge at Lionshead’s staff has experienced virtually every tour in the area, so we can help take the guess work out of which tour is best for you.

Never-evers or beginners: Nova Guides’ Tigiwon tour is an excellent choice. The road is wide, groomed (i.e. nice and smooth) and the machines are super comfy. They even have hand warmers! This tour is easy-going and scenic, but offers a taste of adventure when riders are let loose in the big powder-filled meadow halfway through the tour. Guests can refuel at the historic Tigiwon Cabin with hot drinks and cookies before heading back down to base.

Intermediate: Vail Backcountry Tours offers tours a little closer to town. You’ll travel up a forest service road, but have more opportunities to get off the beaten path once you get closer to the top. During the stop at their private yurt for hot cocoa, you might recognize one of the most iconic images of Vail – the view of the rugged Gore Range. For the more adventurous intermediate, try Nova Guides’ Top of the Rockies Tour.

Advanced/ Expert: Nova Guides’ High Performance Tour is just the ticket! Riders are upgraded to more powerful “powder” sleds to get them further into the backcountry and to more adventurous terrain. You definitely want solid snowmobiling skills – preferably in powder – for this exhilarating tour!


Useful tips…

  • All tours include snow suits, helmets and boots. Dress as you would for a day of skiing or snowboarding (i.e. warm clothing in layers) and bring a neck gaiter and pair of goggles just in case. Be sure to wear sunscreen, too.
  • Don’t forget your camera! Scenery will be beautiful at all of the tour locations.