Take A Midweek Snow Day!

If you ever ski or ride Vail Mountain during the week, you know it is like having the mountain to your yourself. In fact, most locals, if they can, choose to use their passes during the week and not Friday through Sunday. That’s a pretty good sign some of the best times to be on Vail Mountain are the weekdays.

Need an excuse to take a snow day? Just check out these benefits:

More Lodging Choices

Looking for a specific condo size or a specific condo you’ve stayed in before? If you’ve waited until the last minute, you may have a better chance of finding what you want during the week. For instance, the only option for a couple wanting to stay at Lodge at Lionshead this past weekend was a Diamond Three Bedroom condo. Too big and likely over budget for just two people. However, if that same couple shifted their arrival to Monday or Tuesday, they would have their choice of 5 different condo types ranging from a Platinum Studio to a Diamond 1 Bedroom. They save money just by having better options available!

Smaller Crowds

It’s as close as you’ll get to having the mountain to yourself. Lift lines are short to non-existent, so you can ski to your heart’s content. There’s no dodging skiers and riders on your favorite run. No waits for a table at lunch. You might even be able to get into Sweet Basil for dinner (we still recommend making a reservation ahead of time). If you are not one for crowds in your favorite places, weekdays are the days you want to be in Vail.

Less Traffic

The weekend commute to and from the mountains on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday can take an extra hour or more. That’s time you could be making turns down the mountain.

Relax & Recharge

Did you know short trips away benefit your mental and emotional health? According to psychotherapist Jonathan Alpert, a short getaway can lower stress levels in a variety of ways. Short trips are easier to plan, help boost creativity and productivity, and make it easier to disconnect because you know you’ll only be gone a few days. And don’t even get us started on the benefits of nature, which is available in abundance around here. A weekday break from your regular routine could be just what the doctor ordered!

Skiers in Vail, CO

No matter when you arrive in Vail in the name of fun, having amazing accommodations in place only makes it all that much better. Reach out to the team at the Lodge at Lionshead today to learn more about our incredible vacation rentals available and how we can help you elevate your Colorado experience from start to finish. We can’t wait to see you here soon!